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How To Have An Great Floral Design Session

Casa De Flores Designer’s Club Tips

Hello everyone!

Today’s blog topic is about: Having An Amazing Floral Design Session

If you are reading this you are probably considering dabbling into DIY floral design for your next event- or even better- you’ve already booked your flowers with CDF Designer’s Club!

While we’re just as excited as you are that you get to start on your DIY flower adventure, there are a few tips we’d like to share with you on how to make your design session fun and relaxing.

The truth is floral design is not always easy. Everyone thinks "playing” with flowers is fun and simple but there’s actually quite a bit of prep-work and manual labor involved. I by no means want to discourage you by saying that- I just want to give you a fair expectations on what DIY’ing flowers can mean.

Here at Casa De Flores we are always having design sessions- so I think we know a little about how to make a good time out of it. I hope you will enjoy having these tips and that they make your experience truly awesome!

Tips to make flowering fun:

  • Create a timeline and checklist!

    • You can’t have a productive design sesh without a plan. Decide what pieces you will work on first and create an order. Checking off boxes feels awesome! Remember- you don’t have to design everything in one day- you can split the work into two days to make it easier.

  • Have snacks and refreshments readily available

    • Trust us on this one. Not hungry: not grumpy. Being upbeat and positive is so important when designing. The hungrier you are the more easily frustrated you can be if you start feeling tired.

  • Put on your favorite playlists

    • Maybe you work best with serene spa music or maybe metal is your jam. All we know is jams make designing a lot more fun!

  • Give yourself (and your hands) plenty of breaks

    • Snacks and WATER. Stay hydrated and stay happy! Take a moment to snap some photos of your flower crew in action and share your progress with us on Instagram!

  • Wear comfortable shoes with plenty of cushion

    • Wearing comfy shoes makes a huge difference after hours of standing. It’s really hard to design while sitting down (and if you can kudos to you!) so be prepared to be standing on your feet for sometime. I love wearing these for designs sessions.

Don’t forget I LOVE seeing your work so please SHARE SHARE SHARE! It makes us feel so great to see the amazing florals you all create with our products! Send us your photos @casadeflores.shoppe on Instagram!


Happy Flowering!