Light Pink Garden Roses- 12 Stem Bunch

Light Pink Garden Roses- 12 Stem Bunch


Description: Our GARDEN ROSE bunch come with 12 stems of lush florist-grade blooms. The garden rose is a premium flower with unique characteristics and lush petals. They stand out from the standard rose for their ‘antique’ old-world look and style. 

Additional Notes: Your roses may arrive closed in tight bud form. Promptly process and hydrate your roses upon arrival following our guidelines. Garden roses are quite delicate but are well worth the extra care. Roses may also have some unsightly petals on their exterior. These are called ‘guard petals’ and serve to protect the flower as well as control their bloom rate. Leave your roses in water in cool/room temperature conditions to allow them to open naturally. Remove the guard petals to accelerate the blooming process. To achieve a full bloom look faster follow our “How to Open a Rose” guidelines. To avoid breakage treat garden roses with extra care. 

Vase Life: 3-5 Days

Bunch Quantity: 12 Stems, 1 Bloom Per Stem

Color: Shades vary between Pink/Light Pink

Availability: Year Round

Fragrance: Yes

Approximate Length: 45cm-50cm

Flower Type: Focal Flower

Care & Handling:

Once your roses arrive carefully remove the inner cardboard but keep the plastic sleeving on the bunch. This will allow the flowers to hydrate but still have support to keep their heads up. Give the roses a fresh 1” cut and place in cool, clean water. Garden roses peak at 3-4 days so its best to move them to a cool area away from bright light once their have opened to your liking. It is best to put garden roses in a taller container or bucket that will support the flower heads as they can be top-heavy. Be careful not to pack too many stems into one bucket so that the roses have plenty of space to bloom out. 

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