Fresh Orange Roses- 25 Stem Bunch

Fresh Orange Roses- 25 Stem Bunch

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Description: Our ROSES bunch come with 25 long stems of florist-grade blooms. The rose is one of the best known flowers in the world and a wedding flower staple. 

Additional Notes: Your roses may arrive closed in tight bud form. Promptly process and hydrate your roses upon arrival following our guidelines. Roses may also have some unsightly petals on their exterior. These are called ‘guard petals’ and serve to protect the flower as well as control their bloom rate. Leave your roses in water in cool/room temperature conditions to allow them to open naturally. Remove the guard petals to accelerate the blooming process. To achieve a full bloom look faster follow our “How to Open a Rose” guidelines. To avoid breakage treat roses with care. 

Vase Life: 3-14 Days

Bunch Quantity: 25 Stems, 1 Bloom Per Stem

Color: Orange

Availability: Year Round

Fragrance: No

Approximate Length: 45cm-65cm

Flower Type: Mass flower

Care & Handling:

Once your roses arrive, give them a fresh 1” cut from the bottom but do not remove plastic packaging or cardboard. Promptly place your roses in cool, clean water. After one hour of hydration unwrap the flowers from their plastic packaging and cardboard and cut off the rubber/metal banding. 

Remove the lower leaves from the stems manually and give the stems a fresh cut. Be careful with the thorns on the stems. For quicker processing and much less thorn pricks you can use a rose stripper tool. Give roses another fresh cut. 

Quickly place roses in clean, cool water; avoiding any leaves falling below the water line.

Be careful not to pack too many stems into one bucket so that the roses have plenty of space to bloom out. 

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