Vibrant Wedding DIY Bridal Party Package

Vibrant Wedding DIY Bridal Party Package


This vibrant wedding package comes with an exciting assortment of flowers in interesting colors and textures. This look includes fresh succulent plants.

What you’ll be able to make:

Bridal Bouquet x 1

Bridesmaids Bouquet x 4

Groom Boutonniere x 1

Groomsmen Boutonniere x 4

Extra Boutonniere x 4

Ladies’ Wrist Corsage x 4

Flower Girl Petals x 1

Ring Bearer Boutonniere x 1

Toss Bouquet x 1

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What’s Included:

Standard Roses


Cymbidium Orchids

Assorted Succulents 2”

Button Mums


Salal/ Lemonleaf

What You’ll Need:

A spool of 1.5” ribbon to wrap bouquets

A spool of 3/8” ribbon to wrap your boutonnieres and create corsages

16 Boutonniere Pins

Floral Shears/ Scissors

Ribbon Scissors

Rubber Bands x 6

Floral Tape Roll x 1

Glass Vases to hold your bouquets x 6