Lovely Pastels DIY Bridal Party/ Quinceañera Package

Lovely Pastels DIY Bridal Party/ Quinceañera Package


This vibrant DIYg package comes with an exciting assortment of flowers in interesting colors and textures.

What you’ll be able to make:

Bridal Bouquet x 1

Bridesmaids Bouquet x 4

Groom Boutonniere x 1

Groomsmen Boutonniere x 4

Extra Boutonniere x 4

Ladies’ Wrist Corsage x 4

Flower Girl Petals x 1

Ring Bearer Boutonniere x 1

Toss Bouquet x 1

Need Customization to this package to fit your bridal party quantities?

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What’s Included:

Standard Roses


Button Mums


Salal/ Lemonleaf

What You’ll Need:

A spool of 1.5” ribbon to wrap bouquets

A spool of 3/8” ribbon to wrap your boutonnieres and create corsages

16 Boutonniere Pins

Floral Shears/ Scissors

Ribbon Scissors

Rubber Bands x 6

Floral Tape Roll x 1

Glass Vases to hold your bouquets x 6